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IT CAME TO ME ON A WHIM: The Story of Ingeborg Andersson, Child Murderess, tells the story of Maria Bouroncle's great-aunt, who killed her three children in 1929.


In 2022, the independent sequel THE GIRL WITH A NAME TAG: A Finnish War Child in Sweden was published in Swedish. In 2024, it will be available in Finnish.

CHICAGO DREAMS: The Story of a Young Immigrant, the last part of the trilogy about young women in Sweden during the 20th century, will be published in Swedish in March 2024. 

In 2021 and 2022, Carl Eneroth's film "The Child Murderess of Vesene", based on Maria's book about Ingeborg, won the prize for Best Short Documentary in Budapest, London, Miami and New Jersey.

IIT CAME TO ME ON A WHIM has been translated into English, Dutch and Finnish and is currently used on the Scandinavian Crime Literature course at UCLA.

Maria Bouroncle takes us deep into a story of real-life murder to show us the humanity - even love - behind the crime. A riveting read - haunting, atmospheric, and ultimately, heart-breaking. 
Manil Suri, best-selling author of The Death of Vishnu, and a former contributing opinion writer at the New York Times. 

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