Miami Indie Film Awards  - May 12, 2021



"The Child Murderess of Vesene", based on Maria Bouroncle's book "It Came to me on a Whim", wins the prize for "Best Documentary Short" in May 2021 at the Miami Indie Film Awards.

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New Jersey Film Awards - Mar 2, 2021



"The Child Murderess of Vesene", based on Maria Bouroncle's book "It Came to me on a Whim", wins the prize for "Best Documentary Short" in February 2021 at the New Jersey Film Awards .

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International Film Festival, Los Angeles - Feb 12, 2021



"In January 2021, the movie "The Child Murderess of Vesene", based on Maria Bouroncle's book "It Came to me on a Whim", was the finalist for "Best Short Documentary" at the Independent Shorts Awards of the International Film Festival in Los Angeles.

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London Indie Film Festival - Feb 5, 2021



"The Child Murderess in Vesene", based on Maria Bouroncle's book "It Came to me on a Whim" wins the prize for "Best Short Documentary" in January, 2021 at the London Indie Film Festival of 24 Frames.

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Soloparanostras50plus   - May 24, 2020



Comienzo esta serie de entrevistas sobre mujeres maravillosas. Todas tenemos historias de vida fascinantes y cosas que contar, por eso quiero compartir con todas ustedes estas historias. Conocí a Maria como colega y profesional y construimos una linda amistad. Maria es de nacionalidad sueca, economista enfocada en el ámbito del desarrollo internacional y, en el 2018, dio un giro radical a su vida y regresó a su ciudad natal para perseguir su pasión por la escritura. Llevaba 7 años escribiendo sobre una historia familiar, trágica y verídica, que ocurrió en los años 20, en Suecia a su tía abuela Ingeborg.

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Periodista: Carmen Alvarez-Basso

Fotógrafa: Kristina W Smith

Nordic Noir   - May 7, 2020



In 1999, Maria Bouroncle received a phone call from her cousin. "She asked if I knew that our great-aunt Ingeborg had drowned her three children in the Spring of 1929. When I was a child, I met Ingeborg many times and got to know her well, or so I thought..."


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Reporter: Petronella Simonsbacka

Nord​stjernan - Sept, 2019



From the very first page, I was gripped. The book opens with an invitation. To a funeral. For three young children. 

Having read the blurb on the back cover, I knew what had happened. I knew that it was Ingeborg, the children's mother, who had taken their lives. What compelled me to read on was not the question "what?" but the question "why?" The answer, such as it is, comes in the form of doctor's reports and records of court proceedings. Ingeborg herself does not know: "It came to me on a whim."

The novel is based on true events. Ingeborg was the author's great aunt, and the murder of the three children was a long-concealed family secret. In this respectful portrayal of her relative, Maria Bouroncle, brings the story out into the open and reminds us that we need to have the courage to talk about difficult subjects.


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Text: Linnea Dunér

Translation: Tom Ellett

Norska Allers   - July 17, 2017



Tomma flater i familiealbumet og en nedgravd gravstoette. Skrekkhistorien om tre barn som blev drunknet av moren sin skulle dysses ned.

Da Maria Bouroncle (51) fikk hoere om tragedien som hadde rammet slekten hennes, og at tante Ingeborg var den skyldige, ville hun foerst ikke tro at det var sant.


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Text: Elisabeth Walleby

Foto: Eva Bäcklund

Nord​stjernan - Apr 15, 2016



For the last 14 years, Maria Bouroncle, a native Swede, has been living in Washington DC. Like many of us she is intrigued by genealogy. But her research drove her back over the Atlantic when she got wind of a disturbing event in her family's past.


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Text and photo: Kerstin Weman Thornell