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CHICAGO DREAMS: The Story of a Young Immigrant unfolds the journey of twenty-three-year-old Elsa who is dreaming about a new life in America. A life where women are permitted to be independent and free. In September 1921, she boards the steamship Drottningholm in the Swedish port of Gothenburg with twentyfive dollars in her pocket. Seven years later, she has established herself in the big city of Chicago as a clerk in the Post Office for the determined Mrs Thompson. In her free time, she has fun with her friends and leads a worryless life – until a fateful telegram shatters her world. Elsa’s father has fallen gravely ill and she must immediately return to Sweden…    


CHICAGO DREAMS: The Story of a Young Immigrant is the last part of the trilogy about young women in Sweden during the 20th century. The novel will be published in Swedish by Saga Egmont in March 2024. 

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