Maria selling her books at the 

Springmarket of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles on April 28, 2022.


On October 27, 2022, Maria was a guest speaker at UCLA.



Maria's book about Ingeborg becomes compulsory literature at UCLA in the fall of 2022! In the course "Scandinavian Crime Literature" you will read true crime and traditional crime fiction and study whether these genres reveal anything about Scandinavian culture, identity and ideology.


December 3, 4pm

Presentation of "It Came to Me on a Whim"

Andy´s Corner, Malmö

December 6, 7:15pm

Book talk about "It Came to Me on a Whim"

The English Bookshop, Gothenburg

--- 2023 ---

January 9, 12:30pm

Presentation of "It Came to Me on a Whim"

IDB Association of Retirees

In January 2022, Carl Eneroth's film "The Child Murderess of Vesene" won the prize for Best Short Documentary in Budapest.