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Updated: 5 days ago

Swedish author Maria Bouroncle will join the Swedish Historical Society of Rockford on October 6, as well as the Bishop Hill Heritage Association in Illinois on October 14 to talk about her book It Came to Me on a Whim.

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Updated: Jun 15

Burleith resident, Maria Bouroncle was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1965 and spent the summers, until she was eight, with her grandparents and her Aunt Ingeborg in a small village called Molla. She remembers her Aunt Ingeborg with love, a chubby older woman who enjoyed playing cards, making cakes, weaving, and biking.

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Text: Forrest Bachner

Updated: May 9

Join bestselling author, comic creator, and video game designer Josh Grant as he announces this year's winners for the Shrimpy Awards. The award for best short literature (short stories, poems, and chapter excerpts) goes to Maria Bouroncle for "It Came to Me on a Whim".

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Reporter: Josh Grant

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